Pregnancy Blog Week 30 – Am I gonna Poop??

We have a couple of topics to cover today, lovelies…So, buckle up. 

#1: Feeling larger than life? Well baby is now 3 pounds! (Seems like they should weigh more by now. Hey, I’m with you.) And has a pint and a half of fluid surrounding them. Yes…all dat in your tummy. This growing little pea and all the water retention probably also make you feel clumsy and off balance. Also, when you’re at a restaurant and have to sneak behind someone to use the bathroom…there ain’t no sucking in. “Um, no sir, you are actually going to have to stand up to let me through, not just move your chair an inch forward..” Good  times.

#2: Am I going to poop during labor? In a poll I was reading online, 70% of pregnant women said that was a fear of theirs. This makes me laugh because my fears were more along the lines of pushing a 10 pound baby out my ass. BUT, you should know: 40% of women DO. Ladies, you’re going to be PUSHING a human out…using the same exact body parts and force you use to push out da #2’s. It is natural, and nothing to be worried about. Your doctor and nurses will clean it all up before you even know what happened. Seriously, they are wizards about cleaning. Wait and see. I didn’t even see any blood during my labor. Your awesomeness is not related in any way to whether you poop during labor or not. Actually, it is. If you poop…I deem you awesome. You were pushing with all your might, and to me, that’s rad. Boom. Good pushing.  

What is little peanut up to? Cabbage status… (gross by itself, delicious in crunchy ramen noodle salad) … but, oh so cute and working on developing eyesight! When they are born, their vision will be 20/400! And they will have their little eyes closed the majority of the first few weeks.

Tip of the week: I think it would be a good time to ask around about pediatricians. Just as important as your doctor or midwife has been to you, it is important you find someone through recommendations you trust and have a good connection with.

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