Pregnancy Blog Week 31 – Sweet Little Dreams

Coconut-y thoughts are coming your way this week… A lot of couples take a “baby moon” around the end of the second trimester or beginning of the third trimester, depending on your situation. It is a good way to relax, re-focus, and spend some time with the person responsible for you not being able to see your lady parts anymore. Lovely. (Legit had my husband help shave down there before I went into labor because I couldn’t see what I was doing). 

Also, coconut-y because baby is that size around this week 🙂  Wherever you are, I sincerely hope you make yourself a virgin Pina Colada and kick your feet up. 

A couple changes you may notice in your body: your boobs are leaking. It is colostrum and it is normal. Abdominal and low back pain, potentially Braxton Hicks…also normal. If your contractions become severe and you have to breathe through them, call your doctor, to be safe. This happened to me, and it turns out it was just a strong Braxton Hicks, but I was relieved to hear it from my doctor. Remember, they are here for you! 

Maybe at this point you feel great about all you have gotten ready for your little one’s arrival, and go into your nursery quite frequently. I loved to sit in “her” (what I called baby girl till she was born) room, read books about birth and listened to relaxing CD’s and daydreamed about labor and cuddling a new baby. I believe that time was the quietest that room has ever been. 

What is baby up to? Dreaming…how cute is that. Your little one is having dreams now!

Tip of the week: I would ask around about nursing stories, or feeding stories, from other Moms and groups out there. Some may be horror stories, some may be beautiful stories…but either way, it is good to get in the mind set and be prepared for anything 🙂 Feeding your baby is kind of important 😉

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