Pregnancy Blog Week 34 – Gettin’ Close!

There are a lot of things I would love to be able to tell a mom before she has her first baby. Things I felt like every other woman in the world who had a baby before me was hiding when I was pregnant. The idea that being a mom meant cuddling this perfect, tiny infant at really convenient times, that nursing would be a breeze, that I would feel more fulfilled, more love, more wonder than I ever have were all thoughts flitting around in my head like a butterfly floating from flower to flower. 

For a lot of women, these are truths. For all women, at least part of these are truths. I hope your experience is exactly what I wrote in the first paragraph. For a lot of women, however, they are not always perfect. Challenges arise, and we don’t get to pick and choose what challenges present themselves in our journey. Postpartum depression and mental health is an issue that can present itself, and it is nothing to hide from. Addressing it and getting the help you need is one of the bravest things you can do. These are the tough things to talk about to a new or pregnant mom about, but they are important and they are real. 

So, maybe these women aren’t sharing all the scary truths of the first few weeks with a newborn with you because when you see a woman glowing with the miracle of life, you forget all the hard stuff. You remember all the good things about pregnancy and about new life. And you remember that even on the hardest days, being a mom trumps any other goal, accomplishment, vision you had for your life, bar none. And all you say is, “Congratulations… You are about to start the most amazing journey of your life.” And it involves a lot of baby poop. (I couldn’t help myself…sarcasm is in my blood.)

What is baby up to? Cantaloupe status!! Whoa big baby :) After week 34, even if you have preterm labor, most babies will do great! That is a relief to lots of gals out there.

Tip of the Week: Big comfy satin pjs, satin sheets, satin pillow case…make it easy on yourself to roll over and find a comfy position at night!

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