Pregnancy Blog Week 36 – To Plan, or Not To Plan…

This is an interesting, controversial, and necessary topic: do you have a plan once baby comes? This hopefully has been talked about before now, but it is important that you and your spouse have talked about leave at work, and done some minor research on newborns and how to, you know, keep them alive. 

There are literally a gazillion blogs out there to help you, but my favorite tool was always family. Talk to your mom, mother in law, grandma, sisters, cousins, friends, and just ask them to tell you the real truth (and they will all have different truths) about what to expect when you bring a newborn home. Having some chitter chatter under your belt about their experiences will help you navigate your way through. It is overwhelming and you will be dealing with the hormonal changes of pushing a baby out your butt, so having some support (wherever it comes from), is a grand thing. 

Also, the baby world is a solid gray color. There is no black and white. It is great to have a plan but to know that due to many unknown circumstances, plans may change and that is OK! You really won’t know what to expect or their personalities until they are weeks old! It does take that long to figure them out. Like Beyonce so brilliantly said, “Who run the world?!” NEWBORN BABIES. Newborn babies run the world.

What is pipsqueak up to? Roughly six pounds at this point, working on blinking, and dropping lower into your abdomen (making it super comfortable…haha), and assuming head down position (hopefully!)

Tip of the week: Check out some blogs, baby books, and mama friends about what to expect, as mentioned above.

Product of the week: There are several options here, and it’s important to figure out what kind of adventures you want to go on and with how many children.  This is all to help you choose the best option for your family and lifestyle. CLICK HERE to view this week’s product of the week.  Since I needed room for two kiddos, THIS ONE was my go-to! CLICK HERE to view my favorite ride! 

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