Pregnancy Blog Week 39 – Tic Tock, Get Ready to Rock (your baby)!

Expectation: Baby lovingly makes googoo eyes with you, you look at your person, person kisses your glowing forehead, a perfect picture for social media ensues. Boom. Best family ever. Reality: You are pumped full of fluids from labor and can’t find your nose, your person is sleep deprived and leaves the hospital for home to “grab some things” (aka, nap for hours) and you are trying to figure out how to make this little human survive. 

GOOD NEWS: Both these things happen. Someone once asked me what it is like to have a kid. (Holy loaded question). In motherhood, there are moments of pure bliss and moments of pure challenge. I answered that it is simultaneously the best and hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It is the most rewarding and the most depriving. It is the most fulfilling and the most sacrificial. It is the ying and the yang, and the ying moments make you forget the yang moments. 

My answer was not that long, that was after some reflection. At that time I just said, “Pass, please”. Wherever you are in your pregnancy right now (obviously I know you are 39 weeks); I mean whether you are having crazy contractions and are ready to meet baby any second or whether you had your doctor’s appointment and he/she’s like, “wow.. no sign of labor like whatsoever!” Just know you are about to embark on a crazy-amazing journey and get your mom and sister wives’ numbers on speed dial right now. 

Product of the week: Odds are, you’ll be (hopefully) on the go and having a safe place for baby will be a definite essential. There are many styles to choose from ranging from the bare essentials, to others featuring all the bells and whistles. Find one that fits your needs! CLICK HERE to view the product of the week!  We travelled a lot with baby and this one specifically was our absolute must-have! CLICK HERE to see Baby Logic’s TOP choice.

Tip of the week: facials, nails, waxes (groceries, bills, boring stuff, yada yada)…. you may not feel like getting out of the house for a while or focusing on any responsibilities so make sure you take care of all the things you need to and want to!

What is peanut up to? Watermelon status! (or, again, normal baby human) and is able to flex his/her limbs!

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