Pregnancy Blog Week 4 – What the Hell is a Blastocyst!?

That commercial on TV, the little kid walking his dog down the street smiles sweetly at you, your best friend’s husband’s grandpa got a cold… 

All things that typically wouldn’t make you cry this hard are now making you stay home from work because you can’t contain your emotions…

AND it’s normal. You’re thinking, “I don’t know what has gotten into me!????”

I do… *snickers to herself* …a baby. Welcome to the world of hormones, new mama. 

Your levels of estrogen and progesterone are surging. Sore boobs, cramping, and general irritability, similar to period symptoms…yep, also all pregnancy symptoms at four weeks. Trickery. Sheer trickery.

Your sweet, precious blastocyst has implanted itself into your uterine wall and is forming into two parts: embryo and placenta. Let the pain continue! Cramping and minor spotting are normal at this point, only some women experience the spotting but it is normal, so don’t get too flustered. 

What is your little peanut up to this week? Well, she is the size of a poppy seed! Have fun eating that muffin next time… 

Tip of the week: You guessed it: stay on those multis, eat nutritiously, relax, start planning how to tell your family!

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(Side note: are you happy I told you to get Preggie Pop Drops last week???!!!) 

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