I want to be the first to formally say: I am sorry. Hang in there, soldier. I know you were expecting to be holding your baby right now, but the day will come, and very soon, I promise! 

Also, guys, so this is kind of hilarious. I was researching symptoms of 40 weeks pregnant and mostly all I found was this: ANXIETY.HAHAHA!  I, myself, can relate. My daughter was several days post-term and that description hits the nail on the head. I honestly am not sure whether due dates should be allowed at all. Of course, there are some lucky women who land in the hospital and deliver on their due date. 

But, then, there are the women who have babies at 36 weeks who are paranoid it is too early. AND SO ALSO, there are women at week 40, day 4 who are at the mall shopping for NOTHING because you are 40 weeks, 4 days pregnant and you don’t feel like trying on clothes and you have no idea what size you will ever wear again. My solution: NO DUE DATES…when someone asks you how far along? Or when is your baby due? You can say, “In another month or so.” Or “anytime now, maybe.” I am onto something, right? 

Because for those of us who go post-term, we have been anticipating this date FOR NINE MONTHS, we have been doodling it, we have been pondering the age of our baby, the day we will celebrate ALL their birthdays…and then that date comes…and goes…and becomes obsolete. Sometimes, I still mistakenly say my baby’s birthday is her due date because I thought about it that hard! Haha. Again, I am sorry. Again, hang in there. 

Remember: it is ok to cry, it is ok to curse your husband it is ok to make him rub your feet and take you out to dinner, and it is ok to punch someone in the face who thinks OR WORSE says, “shouldn’t you have had your baby by now?” But, please, don’t say I told you that last one was ok. 

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Tip of the week: Just try not to harm anything or anyone who asks you your due date…What is baby up to this week? Being stubborn, being all nestled and cozy in your belly, getting ready to come meet you 🙂 

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