Pregnancy Blog Week 5 – Pee on a stick…Check

Still no period? Sore boobs? Nausea kicking in? SUPER TIRED?

No, this isn’t a Pepto commercial. Welcome to 5 weeks pregnant!

Did you pee on a stick 24 times? Bet it was positive…every single time! Definitely don’t waste any more money on those and definitely go back to sleep. You know you want to!

Your body is busy developing your baby and placenta. It really is a super human quality, the whole making a baby thing, so pat yourself on the back and put yourself up on that pedestal! You’re awesome! And tired! Did I mention that you’re probably tired right now? Yup, normal, for about the next 12 weeks. I wonder if this is just practice for the next 18 years? It doesn’t get better. I am so terribly sorry to have to break that news to a five week pregnant mother.

What your little peanut is up to right now: Being a tadpole! He has a beating heart <3! Being really cute for a tadpole…the most adorable, tiny, little tadpole you ever did see! She is starting to develop organs and limb buds. Limb buds is fun to say.

Can I make it a hash tag?


That just happened.

Tip of the week: This is a really good time to research OBGYNs and call and schedule your first appointment (no rush- just within the next couple weeks). They usually want you to come in when you are 8 weeks along. Typically, the best people to go to for referrals are other moms who have had experience with doctors and clinics in your area.

Keep on keepin’ on.

Baby product of the week:  I may have mentioned somewhere that there is a possibility of being tired in the first trimester. Nothing is cozier or softer than this item to curl up with. CLICK HERE to view our product of the week! 

*Side note: when you head in for labor, it is really wonderful to bring in a few comfy touches from home…and these luxury throws, along with your favorite pillow should definitely be one of them!

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