Pregnancy Blog Week 7 – The Pregnant Ninja

Re-read week 6!!

Just kidding, of course. Did you think I wasn’t going to make you read my dry humor and terrible advice this week? HA!

But, really, not a whole lot has changed – you are still probably fighting morning sickness, you cool, pregnant ninja. AND! And your baby is like the size of a blueberry now, so he is growing like a weed! Seriously, because a month ago he was just starting out as a blastocyte… which, according to a lot of scientific research, is ten thousand times smaller than a blueberry. So he is actually growing like a weed on ‘roids.

You still got da sore boobies, I am sure. But now, you probably also have heartburn, constipation, sweats, and puffiness. It’s just such a magical time.

Push through! Because next week will more than likely be your first appointment and hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is like riding-an-albino-unicorn-over-a-rainbow magical.

What is your wee one up to this week? Developing cartilage making up almost his entire skeletal system! He looks like a little tadpole, with fins (soon to be arms) and a flipper (soon to be tailbone).

Tip of the week: gather a list of questions/concerns/comments/jokes/political issues to discuss with your OBGYN at your first appointment.

Baby product of the week: Stay hydrated mama! So you can wake up to go pee even MORE in the middle of the night! Being pregnant made me the thirstiest I have ever been in my life and that is the honest truth. Feels weird not being sarcastic… haha CLICK HERE for the item of the week!

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