Pregnancy Blog Week 9 – Or is it 10 weeks??

Lavender-scented pillow. Cozy comforter. Cool, soft bed. Fine European man feeding you grapes. These are my hopes for you at 9 weeks pregnant….or am I 10 weeks??  Slow down now, it is a bit early to be forgetting how many weeks pregnant you are (although a lot of us do still!). IT IS TIRING making a little human. I am sure you have heard that one before, because it is true. It is downright exhausting. I once fell asleep during a conversation…at Christmas…opening gifts, while pregnant. Who has two thumbs and falls asleep opening Christmas presents? This girl…towards the end of first trimester. 

What I am saying is, fall asleep wherever you want (besides driving, plz). It is totally permissible…and if it is the first grandchild, people may actually even call it “adorable,” which is not even a little true of me when I sleep. 

As for your little bundle, they are developing sex organs and working on that developing that heart enough for you to potentially hear the heartbeat soon. EEEEK!  

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