Oh my aching back

Pregnancy can give you all sorts of feels. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, nervous, excited, elated, blessed, ecstatic, over the moon…. That’s normal. However, you might also be dealing with low back pain and achiness, fatigue and discomfort. As normal as it is to feel that pain and discomfort, you shouldn’t have to live with the pain daily.

Think about it. Your body is GROWING a human! This babe is getting bigger daily, and your body is needing to accommodate for the extra weight, fluid and mass. Your abdomen and pelvis begin to stretch, giving more space so baby can grow and develop properly. For that to happen, hormones get involved, ligaments get lax and stretch, and your muscles start to literally freak out. They try so hard to hold your pelvis together, especially as the months go on. It’s no surprise you feel achy and tired! Your muscles and ligaments are in a constant battle!

OK, so what can you do?

Mama needs some love

I have your back

In my Chiropractic practice, I see pregnant mamas daily for low back pain, pelvic/pubic pain, hip pain and even sciatica (radiating pain into the leg). They are often referred to me by their OBGYN or Midwife and I love co-managing their care with their primary. Having a health care team means that you’re not going through anything alone and that your body and mind are being encouraged to function at their optimal level.

Adjustments are safe, gentle and effective! I am certified in the Webster Technique and use this method to make my mama patients feel better. This specialized technique focuses on the sacrum (tailbone) and uterine ligaments and helps restore proper balance in your pelvis and uterus. Once correct alignment is achieved, we can reduce low back pain and create more space for the baby to grow and develop properly, allowing for the baby to get in the best position for birth. Because don’t we all want baby to slide out like a waterfall? (Seriously!) Getting pregnant mamas out of pain is my top priority. I want you to be able to get back to doing the things you love, as you progress in your pregnancy.

Once baby arrives, seriously consider bringing your baby (and you!) in for a post-partum “tune up”. Even the most gentle births can be traumatic and getting you and baby off on the right pathway to health and wellness is easy and safe!

Stretch it out

Focus on you and that little love nugget. Rest when you can, stay active to strengthen your body and STRETCH! I wouldn’t be being completely honest with you though, if I didn’t reiterate that you get adjusted and recommend that you wear a pregnancy and hip support brace also 😉 [More on that below]

One of my favorite stretches is what I refer to as the “Figure 4” Stretch. It’s super easy and will help reduce your low back pain, especially after a long day. It will complement what we do in our office and keep you feeling better longer.

  • STEP 1: Lay on your back on a firm surface.
  • STEP 2: Bend your right knee.
  • STEP 3: Cross your left ankle over your right knee.
  • STEP 4: Bring your right knee into your chest (you may need to shift your leg to the side slightly as to not hit your belly bump).
  • STEP 5: BREATHE! Hold for 20-30 seconds. Perform 2-3 times.
  • STEP 6: Repeat steps 1-5 on left side.

This stretch helps release tension in your glute muscles and your Piriformis muscles. These muscles essentially help stabilize your pelvis and work hard during your daily life, especially during pregnancy.

With a little help from my friends

There are a few items that I LOVE that really help continue the care that we are offering in office. As much as I love seeing my patients, I want them to take charge of their recovery and health journey by giving them “homework” or tools that they can use at home to help them feel better longer in between adjustments.

  1. Upsie Belly by Belly Bandit: I LOVE this because it supports your belly AND your back, especially after long days. Wear this while out and about so you can run errands longer or catch that 5pm spin class! It also includes a hot/cold pack to really take it to the next level.

The Tummy Cradle Pregnancy Support Pillow: This pillow supports your growing bump, relieves pressure off your low back and gives you a safe place to lay FACE DOWN during your pregnancy! It also features side ventilation and cut outs for tender breasts.

Pamper yo’self

Taking (and making) time for yourself to rest and recover is important. Being pregnant can be hard and you deserve a break. Along with all the things mentioned above, prenatal massages can be an integral part of your healthcare routine. Give those tired muscles an extra boost and seek out a licensed massage therapist to smoothe out those kinks and knots. Let your mind relax and feel your stress melt away.

Take charge of your health

I hope you are able to enjoy this amazing journey that is pregnancy. The tips and tools above will allow you to minimize pain, improve your labor and delivery and will support your body as your pregnancy progresses. I absolutely love pregnant mamas (and their babies!) and want nothing but the best for you! If you have any questions at all regarding a recommendation for a Chiropractor in your area, or to see if Chiropractic can help you, do not hesitate to reach out to me at rachel@baby-logic.com. There’s nothing I love more than helping people take charge of their health to live their lives to the fullest.

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