Pregnancy Blog Week 22 – A Hug from Ryan Reynolds!

Have we talked about how much water consumption and peeing goes on during pregnancy yet? Because if we haven’t, I am sure BY NOW you are wondering if I have ever even been pregnant before. I can promise you I have, and I am listening to that beautiful child crying about a leaf she just pulled off the bush outside our house as I type. (I am sure we will have to bury said leaf and I will have to make a burial speech in a few minutes. Yes, babies and pregnant women do have a few things in common, emotions being one of them.)

Anyway, pregnant women drink water ALL THE TIME. Water to a pregnant woman is the equivalent of Ryan Reynolds opening his arms for a strong hug. You want it. You need it. You have to have it no matter how many calls you have to make.

At the Japanese Steakhouse in town while pregnant, I once consumed eight 16 ounce glasses of water before they brought us our soup and salad. I was in the bathroom the majority of dinner. I started calling myself the Official Wasabi Bathroom Greeter. People did fall for it, or they were just being extremely humorous towards a pregnant lady.

Also. SPAGHETTI SQUASH!!! Your baby is the size of that vegetable really fit people pretend to eat spaghetti with. I have never actually seen a real one (still don’t believe it is a thing) but I know squashes are a pretty decent size! Congrats 🙂

Baby is up to: Actually looking like a mini newborn, with the development of eyes and lips!

Tip of the week: Not freaking out about the changes your body is making. A lot of women call stretch marks “tiger stripes” and a lot of other fun things because the fact of the matter is it is freaking awesome to carry a baby and earn some battle wounds. Some women get them, some don’t…no matter what kind of woman you are, your body is doing something way cooler than a man’s body right now. 

Product of the week: Give your belly some love! You may or may not get stretch marks, but you mostly likely will feel some itchiness! CLICK HERE and lather up with this week’s product of the week

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