first trimester

Weeks 1-12

Congratulations! Baby is growing fast which may mean a tired mama…

Second trimester

Weeks 13-26

The pregnancy announcement, growing bump and baby kicks…

Third trimester

Weeks 27-40+

Get ready for all the swelling and sweating. Baby will be here soon…

Fourth trimester

Yes, it’s a real thing!

The first three months of babyhood are exhausting and magical…

Why You’ll Crave Our Pickles and Ice Cream Pregnancy Blog!

This ISN’T your average baby blog describing the perfect and flawless pregnancy, with each day being full of sunshine and warm compliments from your mother-in-law. The Pickles and Ice Cream Blog shows the honest truth of pregnancy, where it isn’t all Rainbows and Butterflies (but more like Thunderstorms and Moths). It reveals your farts and bloating, mood swings and “cankles”, and introduces the random grandmother in the grocery store poking your belly asking if you are having twins (insert eye roll emoji)

As you read through the weeks, you will find out what your baby is up to, how your babe is developing, weekly tips, baby/pregnancy products that you should be thinking about (especially if you are a planner like me), and some real life moments to make you smile and realize that you aren’t alone in this journey!

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