Ergobaby has been a leader in baby carriers for years now, and has set the bar high for its competitors. The Omni Breeze is no exception! This carrier exceeds all others and provides the parent/caregiver with multiple carrying options, from newborn to toddler! This time, we’ve partnered up with Ergobaby and will break down their newest carrier in this blog. We will also include a video to further discuss its features and demonstrate multiple carrying options.

Hello, Omni Breeze!

Let’s breakdown the key features of the Ergobaby Omni Breeze so you can see why you need this carrier in your life. Might I add that these make a lovely gift!

  • SoftFlex™️ Mesh Fabric: The Omni Breeze is so-named for multiple reasons. Mainly, for its highly breathable SoftFlex™️ Mesh fabric that allows for optimal air flow, keeping you and baby dry all day. Why does this matter? Well, babies run hot, and when they are being snuggled, it gets even hotter (for baby and the wearer)! This enhanced breathability keeps both of you cool so nothing holds you back from your next adventure!
  • Ultimate Comfort: The Breeze is made of premium fabric but also features ergonomic support in all the right places. It has padded shoulder straps, head and neck support for baby, lumbar support, crossable straps and a padded waist belt.
  • It’s a Breeze!: The Omni Breeze is literally a “breeze” to use. While other carriers in the Ergobaby line (like the Ergobaby 360) require you to adjust buttons to switch between facing-out and facing-in, the Breeze utilizes sliders for an easy conversion. You simply slide the guides to transition between facing-in and facing-out. Adjusting it for the wearer is also simple! You can easily switch the carrier between body types with no major changes needed. Once the carrier is clipped around your waist, simply pull forward on the two waist belt ends and cinch. To loosen, simply pull back on the plastic piece on the belt. For the shoulder straps, pull forward on the two straps to tighten once baby is secured. Then, pull on the plastic pieces out to loosen.
  • Safety: Ergobaby values yours and your child’s safety and so they’ve added reflective strips on the body of the carrier to enhance visibility at night.
  • Carrying Positions: The Omni Breeze features FIVE carrying positions for added convenience. You can front carry facing-in, front carry facing-out, hip carry, back carry and front carry with crossed back straps.
  • Convenience Features: The carrier has side pockets, a detachable storage pouch, cushioned head and neck support and a baby hood that can be used for privacy and sun protection. You can even breastfeed in it!
  • Ergonomics: Ergobaby prides itself on proper ergonomics for both the child and the wearer. They put tons of research into their products making sure proper posture is maintained and that your child’s hips are supported adequately. Your child’s weight is evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders while the seat cradles your baby in a natural sitting position, taking stress off their hips.
  • Suitability: The Ergobaby Omni Breeze allows you to carry your child from 7 – 45 lbs or 0 – 48 months. This is especially great for older children with special needs!

Why we LOVE it!

Ok, so we’ve chatted about all the technical aspects of the Ergobaby Omni Breeze above. But, what’s it really like from our perspective? Let’s see what Dr. Rachel Rising has to say!

Dr. Rachel’s Weighs In

We have 3 boys and we tend to stay active. I basically lived in my Ergobaby carrier as it allowed me to pack my Little while following my Big (or Bigs) around. This carrier is no exception. It combines everything I loved about my “old” Ergos, and modified all the things I didn’t love (like the Velcro waistband).


I was able to try out the new Omni Breeze by borrowing my little nephew for an adventure and the Omni did not disappoint. Not needing an infant insert is a game changer since it allows you to carry your child as early as 7 lbs without the added bulk. So it’s just you and baby – you can even breastfeed in it! The easy to adjust seat petals make it a smooth transition as baby grows. The new track system was a great upgrade also over the old button system to narrow/widen the seat for facing out/facing in. The fabric is light yet strong and its breathability is unsurpassed! My littles always ran hot, and this fabric is wicking and soft. Transitioning between wearers and carrying positions has also been streamlined, considering my hubby is 6’4″ and I’m 5’7″.

More features:

I love the addition of the crossable straps, especially for the older/heavier children, to give the wearer that much more support. The added storage pockets and removable pouch were also nice to tuck in a key or phone, keeping them both close and handy. The only thing I really don’t like about it, to be honest, is that it didn’t get released sooner so that I could have taken full advantage of it! The price also comes at a premium, but considering how versatile it is and what the Omni Breeze offers over other carriers, it helps take the edge off.

As a Chiropractor, posture and biomechanics are super important for both the wearer and child while baby wearing, and I love companies that make that a priority. The Omni promotes the “M” hip position so that pressure is taken off your child’s hip and knee joints while riding in carrier. I love how all the upgrades happened without sacrificing the ergonomics of the carrier itself.

Want More?

Here’s a quick video tour of the carrier itself, highlighting all the features we spoke about in this blog:

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