Fall is one of my favorite seasons because the air is crisp, the leaves are changing and school is in full swing! We got inspired and compiled a list of TOP 10 fun Halloween activities to do with your kids this month. We promise they’ll keep them entertained and will help create some great family memories.

Top 10 Fun Halloween Activities to do with your Kids

  • Visit a local Hay Maze (or Corn Maze)
    Nothing beats wandering around a maze as a family trying different routes to get out. We like giving each of our kids a turn being the leader so they can work on their leadership skills and confidence at the same time! Many times, these mazes offer other activities such as train or tractor rides.
  • Chopstick Candy Corn
    Use up that nasty (to me!) candy corn and test your child’s dexterity! Challenge yourselves to see how many pieces of candy corn you can put into a bowl using only CHOPSTICKS in 60 seconds! You have 1 minute to win it!
  • Get a Pumpkin from a Pumpkin Patch
    Sure, getting a store bought pumpkin is easy and quick, but visiting a local pumpkin patch provides entertainment all on its own. You can make an afternoon out of it and wander the fields searching for the best one. Many patches also provide “pick your own apples” that you can make cider with, or a petting zoo, wagon rides, etc. Check them out!
  • Have a Spider Race
    Grab some little plastic spiders and some large straws and get ready to race! Make a start and finish line with some tape, take a big breath and start blowing your spiders across the finish line. Ready, set, GO!
  • BOO a Neighbor
    This newer trend is taking over neighborhoods and is creating a sense of community. It’s a great way to do something nice for others as a family and our kids love spreading the Halloween cheer. How it works: Fill a goodie bag/basket with Halloween treats like candies, trinkets, themed snacks, vampire teeth, pumpkin decorating kits, etc. Then, leave it on a neighbor’s doorstep (without them seeing you) and run away!

Be sure to include some print-outs of “You’ve been Boo-ed” so that they can post their new sign on their door. Happy Boo-ing! They are now encouraged to return the favor to other neighbors who have not been boo-ed yet. Spread the Halloween cheer! Print your FREE “You’ve been Boo-ed” sign HERE (courtesy of The Mom Voice)

  • Create a Themed Scavenger Hunt
    This is a great way to get out and explore the neighborhood! Try and get creative with the scavenger hunt items. Scout out the area ahead of time and include specific Halloween decorations or landmarks that are around you. Things like “ghost in a window”, or “witch stirring a cauldron” or “spiderwebs”. Set a max time limit and award the winner or set out as a family to check off the items.
  • Visit a Haunted House
    If you’re into being scared, visiting a haunted house or haunted hay maze can be an exciting family adventure. Show your solidarity as a family and see who makes it out first. Many towns offer varying levels of scare tactics depending on the time of day so the faint of heart (like me!) can still enjoy a little scare – minus the nightmares ha!
  • Go bobbing for Donuts
    A fun twist on the traditional bobbing for apples! Hang some mini donuts on a string and set the kids free! Create some extra pressure by adding a time limit and seeing who can get the most (or to prevent kids from eating too many!)
  • Make a “Puking Pumpkin”
    This is all the rage this year and is a great science experiment for kids. All you need are simple ingredients around the house to make your pumpkin spew out colored goop. CLICK HERE for a full tutorial by littlebinsforlittlehands.
  • Make a Halloween Craft
    I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t love a good craft! And these lanterns are super cute! These kits on Amazon include everything you need plus detailed instructions on how to create these festive luminaries. Get your kit HERE.

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