Summer break is just a few short weeks away! The sun is out, kids are getting excited, and perhaps some parents might be getting nervous as to how they’ll keep their kids entertained all summer long (ha!). We have 3 boys that love to stay active so we thought we would share our TOP 10 list of fun things to do this summer with your kids. We’ll definitely be trying these out once school gets out!

Let the fun begin!

Here’s are some ideas to keep your kids busy all summer long, so you can give them a summer they’ll cherish forever. In no particular order……

  1. Go to a museum
  2. Test out a pump track
  3. Mini golf
  4. Sidewalk chalk
  5. Backyard camping
  6. Fishing at a pond
  7. Go to a beach
  8. Organize a mini-olympics
  9. Go to a splash park
  10. Design a scavenger hunt

Go to a Museum

Museums are a great place for kids to learn all while having fun. Museums and science centers will often host summer camps and can sometimes have interactive children’s centers that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Our local museum has a dinosaur exhibit that never disappoints. Our kids love gazing up at the T-Rex skeleton and imagining it stomping around millions of years ago.

pump track top things to do in summer with kids

Test out a Pump Track

This is always a crowd pleaser at our house! Even when our kids had strider bikes, they still loved to cruise along the track and see how long they could go without pedaling. Even though our kids are older now, they still hit jumps and see how much air they can get! The pump track is fun for all ages, even for parents! Just don’t forget your helmets and sunscreen!

mini golf things to do in summer

Mini Golf

I have so many fond memories growing up of playing mini golf with my family and friends. There’s something to be said about trying to strategize the obstacles and getting some friendly competition going! Kids can learn patience, practice aiming and develop their strength (and restraint) during the game. Don’t have a mini golf course in your town? Check out this cool DIY home edition mini golf set.

sidewalk chalk fun things to do in summer with kids

Sidewalk Chalk

This is something easy to do at home that can create hours of entertainment. Have you kids design a beautiful sidewalk mural for all the neighborhood walkers to see. They could design an intricate game of hop scotch! Or, they could use sidewalk chalk to outline a basketball court or draw a “welcome home” sign for mom or dad. They could even create a chalk city and bring out their hot wheels or favorite cars. Inspire their imaginations to create!

backyard camping with kids during summer break

Backyard Camping

Our kids beg to do this every summer and love having a special night with dad to stargaze, tell stories and “rough it” in the outdoors (of our backyard). They bring battery-powered lanterns, play card games and roast s’mores in the fire pit. You can teach them survival skills and pretend to be anywhere!

Fishing at a Pond

Nothing beats watching your kids reel in a fish and seeing the excitement in their eyes. Check out your local pond, stream or river and create lasting memories that they’ll cherish forever. You can show them how to bait their hook, cast and share stories while they wait for a bite. Whether you catch and release, or enjoy your catch for dinner, they’ll never forget these bonding adventures

go to a beach fun things to do with kids in summer

Go to a Beach

Our kids can spend hours splashing in the water, creating sand castles and building tunnels in the sand. They don’t care if we’re at our local pond, at a river bank or at the ocean! Pack a picnic and some sunscreen and enjoy the sunny days of summer. Meet up with another family and let the kids play! Don’t forget the sand toys!

mini olympics events top things to do this summer with kids

Organize a Mini-Olympics

We’ve been planning this for our kids this summer and are counting down the days until we can launch the “games”. Set up stations that the kids can rotate through and keep a score bracket as they proceed through the events. Events could include tug-of-war, a three legged race, bean bag toss, ball tossing contest, an obstacle course race, target practice, limbo contest and more! You can even let your kids develop some of the events and have them involved in the set up. Let the games begin!

Go to a Splash Park

Nothing feels better on a hot day then letting the water cool you down at a splash park. Good for all ages, and bound to entertain for hours. Your kids will thank you and beg you to go back.

scavenger hunt top fun things to do with kids over break

Design a Scavenger Hunt

This requires a bit more coordination and planning from a parent or caregiver standpoint but will encourage your kids to use their minds to find the next clue. We often write cryptic clues for our kids to help them find their Easter baskets or Xmas stockings. They love mulling over the clues together and working as a team to get to the next step. You could draw a map, or create a series of clues to lead them from one spot to the next.

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