To help give you the tools needed to help a mama out (literally!), we’ve compiled a list of things NEVER to say to a pregnant woman! And trust us, if you dare utter these words and unleash the wrath of a hormonal preggo, may the Lord have mercy on your soul!

Being pregnant is typically a super exciting time for families and couples. However, it can come with its fair share of worries and fears also. Feelings like happiness, gratefulness and exhilaration but also anxiety, pain and isolation. A pregnant mama will notice some serious changes in her body and might not even feel like herself at time. She will often rely on family and friends to lift her up and support her as she embarks on a joyous new adventure!

TOP 10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

  1. “Those are just the hormones talking.”
  2. “Are you having twins?” (When you’re not, but are just all baby or measuring big)
  3. “Are you pregnant?” (Maybe you are or maybe you’re 6 weeks post-partum)
  4. “You better hope it’s a boy/girl, because you don’t want a girl/boy”
  5. “You must be due any day!” (While poking your belly)
  6. Any horror story about how terrible their pregnancy and/or delivery was.
  7. When you mention that you’ve been having some low back pain, they reply: “Welcome to pregnancy”
  8. “You are HUGE!”
  9. “Who is the father?”
  10. “You’re eating AGAIN!?!” (Yes, growing a human is hard word, and requires energy.)

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