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Toddlers are at such a fun age and it doesn’t take much to get them excited! Their little minds are like sponges and so they want to get their little hands on everything. Right now is the perfect time to introduce interactive toys in order to pique their interest and help them grow. This holiday season, give your tot a gift that will keep them entertained, help develop those motor skills, or one that is just plain useful! We’ve done our research and have made a condensed list of our favorite gift-giving ideas for the 1-3 year old group. Here are our Baby Logic TOP gifts for your toddler this holiday season.

Baby Logic’s TOP TODDLER gifts for the holidays

Amazon Echo Dot – Kid’s Edition: This seems like something unnecessary but let me tell you – it’s been a game changer for my kids. They can set alarms, play educational games using trivia, numbers, letter, listen to music and communicate with our other Echo Dots. You can even set a bedtime routine for stories and music of their choice to soothe them to sleep. You can control and monitor everything they do using your parent app and set boundaries based on age, etc. BONUS: They’re typically on sale over the holidays!

Fuzzy Blanket: Nothing beats something oh so soft, and oh so cozy to snuggle with. Bundle up and read a book together, get ready for sweet dreams or let your child take it with them as a security blanket. We especially love the print on this one and it’s the perfect size for little hands.

Glow in the Dark Race Train Track: On your marks, get set….GO!! Help your little one design the ultimate race track and watch the cars loop and climb. The track pieces click together easily so you can redesign the track as often as you want! The possibilities are endless!

Trucks + Cars: I can’t tell you how many hours our kids have spent loading up cars in the transporter, or making roads for them to drive on! Die-cast cars and trucks are always a hit and come in all sorts of sizes and sets. You can even make roads on your floor with tape and let the kids entertain themselves for hours of fun!

Modular Foam Play Couch: I can’t tell you how many hours our kids have played on these mats. They’ve built forts, used them as crash pads for ninja moves, built ramps and have slept on them when company or friends are over. They wipe easy and can be transformed into a variety of adventures.

Building Blocks: These building blocks are great for little hands and are larger (and safer!) than traditional legos or blocks. The pieces are easy to assemble and they allow your little one to create a whole new world of fun. Let them build cars, towers, shapes and, as a result, watch their creativity grow. See how your child’s confidence improves as they assemble new creations.

Musical Instruments: I feel terrible even adding this to the list but music is SO important in helping your child’s development. Instruments help with cognitive development, with recognizing sounds and improves their creativity as they invent new “songs” for you.

Kinetic Sand: This is my go-to gift for holidays or birthdays and it has yet to disappoint! Kids can form blocks, drive trucks on specially built roads and literally create their very own construction site. This is what entertains my 4 year old so I can get dinner ready or fold laundry without a little helper working against me!

Magnetic Tile Set: These magnetic tiles are literally the gift that keeps on giving! Watch your child create shapes, houses or towers one after another as they learn about balance, engineering, colors, geometry and imagination. They pack up easy to take to grandma’s and also clean up in a breeze.

Play Doh Set: No explanation needed, haha! Play Doh lets your kids have hands-on fun while they shape and create anything their little minds desire! They can make you “food”, discover shapes and colors or create their own little world of fun.

Train Set: Show me one kid that hasn’t loved building a train track and then pushing their train through! It’s interactive and lets their imagination run free. They can also work on engineering skills and bond with friends as they create new tracks for their trains.

Books: I stand firmly behind the idea that you can never have too many books! They encourage you to spend time together and introduce new concepts like ABCs, colors, numbers, shapes and food groups. Reading to your child helps them develop in so many ways and gets them ready for a life of learning.

Silicone Placemat: This silicone mat will contain the mess so your toddler can just focus on being a kid! Use it for sand, crafting, snacks, anything! The suction keeps it on the table and it wipes off in a breeze. Use it at home, while traveling or anywhere on the go.

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