What is a Babymoon?

Babymoons are getaways or “mini-vacations” that you take before welcoming your new bundle into the world. They’re quickly becoming a hot topic and it seems as though everyone is taking one, or looking at taking one. They are a great way to escape with your partner, take a well-deserved break and deepen your connection before baby comes and adds a new dynamic to your life! It’s also one of the last times (for awhile) that you’ll be able to take a trip or adventure without needing to worry about diaper bags, feeding schedules, sleep routines, etc. Most couples will escape during the second trimester. By then, the morning sickness has often worn off and the mama-to-be has gained some new found energy. Whether you do a stay-cation or venture out further, we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do while on a babymoon.


Explore + Adventure

adventure hiking babymoon

Get out and enjoy your surroundings! Whether you choose a big city, a stay-cation in your own town, or secluded destination, there are many ways to get out and discover your new environment. You can see what nature has to offer by taking a bike ride, hiking or walking. Explore new shops, new trails, or hidden coves. You could even take in a show or movie! The world is your oyster! Nothing beats discovering your new favorite spot with the one you love!

Eat Good Food

This one is for the inner foodie. Once baby arrives, your main focus probably won’t be making delightful meals to savor with your partner/spouse. The majority of your days will be spent catering to your newborn, attempting to catch up on sleep and changing diapers. You might even enter survival mode for a time (I know we did!). So, have you been eyeing a restaurant or bistro that always requires reservations, has limited seating or doesn’t appear kid-friendly? GO THERE! Want to do a progressive dinner and take in local cuisine at its finest – NOTHING is holding you back! Want to walk around aimlessly until a food establishment catches your eye (or nose?)? NOW is the time! Eat to your heart (and stomach’s) content and enjoy great conversations.

Rest + Relax

As mentioned above, you won’t be getting much sleep during the first few weeks (or months – or years). Take advantage of that now and enjoy a lazy morning. Find a beach, grab a book you’ve been wanting to read (a parenting book perhaps?), and spread out that beach towel! Even better – SLEEP IN! Enjoy this quiet time together and feel any future parent anxiety melt away.

Pamper Yourself

Relaxing seems to be a common theme in this blog. And for good reason! (You’ll thank me later!) Pamper yourself during your getaway with a couple’s massage, facials or spa treatment of your choice. Get room service and spoil yourselves – you guys made a baby after all! If you travel far, opt for all-inclusive so you don’t need to stress about cleaning, cooking or prepping. If you stayed close, get takeout or check out that new restaurant you’ve been dying to eat at. Treat yourself and enjoy your new energy and small-ish belly while you still can.

Smile, You’re on Camera

I loved my second trimester the most because I looked pregnant, but didn’t feel like I was carrying a bowling ball in my belly (yet!). This is a great time to document your getaway or even schedule some professional maternity photos. I’m terrible at taking photos and was so thankful that we took the time to have someone take pics of our growing family. Plus, who doesn’t love looking back on incredible memories and sharing them with other loved ones?

Bucket List. Check.

Depending on your bucket list items, your babymoon might be a great time to check off some items off that list. You have time, energy and the excitement to get out and do something fun with your partner. It could be as simple as taking a road trip or more adventurous like swimming with dolphins or going for a hot air balloon ride. This is a great excuse to try some new things together before you embark on the greatest journey of all – parenthood.

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