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Baby registries are more than just gifts. Seriously! Yes, it’s fun to get gifts BUT it’s really about people showing you how much they love you and how excited they are for you and your new adventure!. Your registry is a guide that helps them gift you with things you actually need and want, not just another doily or baby bonnet from great aunt Edna!

In this blog, we’ll compare several Baby Registry websites and reveal our TOP CHOICE for BEST BABY REGISTRY! The baby world can seem overwhelming, so take it step by step, one category at a time. If you have a budget, prioritize your items and allocate funds appropriately. For me, a car seat, stroller and baby carrier were my priorities so I assigned a larger budget there, where I didn’t care as much about bathing and onesies. Plus, most registries give you a registry completion discount at the end to take care of any un-purchased items. This is a great way to save on those larger ticket items also (HINT: larger items make a great group gift!)

Here is our BABY LOGIC Registry Checklist for some inspiration:

Let’s break it down!


The Amazon Baby Registry is our #1 TOP PICK for several reasons and only slightly edged out the Target Baby Registry. It was difficult picking our TOP PICK so we decided to do a runner up also. The site is easy to navigate, has TONS of recommendations so you don’t forget to add any items, and it’s easily accessible to almost everyone.


  • There are many gifting options available: Group Gifting, a Diaper Fund and Gift Card options.
  • You get notifications when purchases are made, making gift tracking and Thank You’s a breeze.
  • SO MANY OPTIONS! Almost everything is on Amazon these days!
  • There are MULTITUDES of product recommendations and category check lists to help you create your dream registry.
  • Easy to share with friends via email, social media, etc.
  • It’s UNIVERSAL, meaning you can upload baby items from ANY website to add to your Amazon registry! Hello Etsy, Pottery Barn, etc.
  • There’s a mobile app for your convenience.
  • Highly accessible to anyone on your invite list. They can ship their gift directly to you, have it gift wrapped and include a message even!
  • You get a 365 day return policy window and returns are EASY!
  • GOODIES: You get a 10% OFF completion discount coupon several weeks prior to your due date for last minute items (If you are a prime member, you get 15% OFF towards un-purchased items on your registry). You also get a Welcome Box with samples and coupons once/if certain criteria are met (Prime subscription + 60% of checklist is completed and added + first $10 purchase from registry).


  • There are no physical stores to browse – everything is online.
  • The Registry Checklist is large and can be overwhelming. So take your time, and deep breaths….


These days, some people want to browse the physical aisles of a store in-person, while others would rather shop from the convenience of their own homes. For this reason, the Target Baby Registry is a close second in our Baby Registry ranking. The return policy is a bit restricting which is why Target is #2. We all know you’re going to get 25 swaddles and 37 booties – because they’re so cute and fuzzy, so it might be nice to return a few lol. On the upside though, the Target Registry is SUPER user friendly, and is simple to navigate.


  • 1800 brick-and-mortar locations scattered throughout the country for those of you that like to feel before they buy.
  • Gift tracking to make Thank You’s easier and to help you plan ahead.
  • Preset “Favorites” to help you get your registry started and inspire you.
  • Baby Registry checklist to make sure you stay on track.
  • Easy to share with family and friends via social media or email.
  • App is available for mobile.
  • Your phone becomes a SCANNER in-store, when using your app, and you can scan items directly onto your registry! WOW!
  • Very easy to create and navigate, even for the non-techy mamas.
  • They have a price match guarantee.
  • Free returns and exchanges for up to 1 year.
  • UNIVERSAL! Meaning, you can add items from ANY other website or store. I’ll take Pottery Barn, Etsy and Crate & Kids, please…
  • Group gifting is available, which helps people pitch in to get you larger ticket items.
  • You can select a gift as being “most wanted” to help guide your guests even further.
  • GOODIES: 15% OFF Registry Completion discount coupon sent 8 weeks before due date for last minute items and a FREE welcome kit ($120 value) full of samples and coupons for creating your registry. BONUS: You can use your 15% OFF coupon TWICE – once in-store, and once online.


  • The Welcome Kit is only available in-stores, so if you don’t live near a Target, you sadly can’t get one.
  • Returns must be done in-store. This could be a huge inconvenience if you don’t live near a physical location.

Is there anything else?

Obviously, Target and Amazon are the big names in the baby registry game. They’re comprehensive, universal, easy to navigate and are easily accessible to most people. Other baby registries do exist though, they just have a harder time competing because they either don’t carry their own inventory, or are not universal, or user friendly. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the most popular ones since maybe these will work for you…

  1. BUY BUY BABY: You get a welcome gift for registering and a 15% OFF completion discount prior to your due date for last minute items. It’s easy to navigate, offers referral perks but is not universal. You are limited to their inventory.
  2. MYREGISTRY.COM: I love how this baby registry offers an option for a cash fun/donation. You can set that money aside and create a babysitter fund, college fund, date night, etc. They have partnered with several of the larger baby registry sites (Amazon, Target, Pottery Barn, Crate & Kids and BuyBuyBaby) so you can easily sync those items/lists. As a bonus, if you do create your baby registry on those sites and sync, you will receive a registry completion discount coupon from each of those stores/sites.

    It’s not as user friendly and you are still required to build a registry on each of the other other sites, if you want to sync. If you just want to add a few items from each of those, you can absolutely do that and not have to create an entire registry. It is universal though, so you can add individual items from any site and the registry syncing allows you to have all your lists in one place. They do work well with several vendors also that allow you to browse their catalog from within myregistry.com.
  3. BABYLIST.COM: This site is also universal and allows you to add gifts from any site you want. This gives you the option of a highly unique and customizable registry list. It also offers many options at sign up (Pregnancy/Adoption/Surrogacy/Still Trying), so you can share your journey with your loved ones. If you use the app, you can add products on the go AND you can also set up a cash fund. You receive a welcome box with samples and coupons once you sign up and can sync already created registries from Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart and Etsy. The downside is that you will need to create individual registries on each major site if you want to take advantage of any 10-15% OFF registry completion discount coupons. Also, if you need to make a return through their registry, you get a gift certificate to their website, not the store it was purchased from.

My point is…

Hopefully, we were able to highlight the benefits of each registry and help you decide where to register. The last thing we want is for you to be stressed about where to register (there’s enough stuff to worry about as it is – am-i-right?)! Growing your family is FUN and preparing for your little bundle’s arrival is super exciting! Take your time, and let your loved ones, co-workers, friends help you prepare for your new adventure. Let them shower you with love and kindness. ❤️


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