What is a car seat recall?

A car seat recall occurs when a manufacturer finds a defect in their product during testing or through regular use. As much as we try and avoid it, car seats can get recalled for various reasons. Some reasons include mechanical failure or material breakdown. This is why it’s super important to register your seat as soon as you get it. This way, you will get a notification from the manufacturer if something comes up. For this reason, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) keeps current and older version car seat recall lists to keep the parent consumer informed.

If you forgot to register your seat, or are unsure if your seat has been recalled, here is a direct link the NHTSA site and car seat recall lists. It will allow you to search your specific seat and find out any recalls or remedies needed so you can stay on top of it! Keeping kids safe in car seats is our top priority!


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You can also view a comprehensive car seat recall list below:

What happens if your seat is recalled?

If your seat is recalled, you will receive a notification either by email or phone/text explaining what the recall is. You will then be instructed on what to do. Keep in mind that not all recall notices relate to problems that could make your seat unsafe in the event of a collision. In many cases, you can continue using your seat (with the appropriate remedies). Options could include:

  • Remediating the problem and continuing to use your seat
  • Getting a replacement of the recalled part to continue using your seat
  • Getting a replacement car seat from the manufacturer.
  • Destroying your current defective seat and getting a new one.

If the manufacturer of your seat is no longer in business, or is not providing a corrective action, it is highly advised that you destroy your seat and and obtain a new one as soon as possible. To destroy a seat, cut the straps and tear out the fabric/foam before throwing it away so no one else can use the defective seat. You can also have it crushed, if that is available to you.

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