What is a Tummy Cradle?

At this point, if you’re reading this blog, we’re assuming you’re pregnant – so congratulations! What an exciting time! Your body will undergo so many amazing changes as you move through your pregnancy. The Tummy Cradle is there to support your growing belly and minimize pain during your pregnancy!

It’s not often that we see “comfortable” and “pregnancy” in the same sentence. However, the Tummy Cradle helps reduce your back pain during pregnancy by allowing the mama-to-be to lay face-down (yeah, you read that right!) safely and realign her spine.

Benefits of the Tummy Cradle

  • Alleviates back pain caused by pregnancy
  • Allows mamas-to-be to experience weightlessness
  • Allows mamas-to-be to lay face down safely
  • Helps realign the spine
  • Provides a dark and quiet environment
  • Mild pressure helps reduce held stress in the temples and forehead

Features of the Tummy Cradle

  1. The Cradle is designed to comfortably fit during every stage of your pregnancy – from the 1st trimester until the 3rd!
  2. A chest space allows for reduced pressure on tender breasts.
  3. Unique face pillow design delivers slight pressure to the forehead and temple to reduce held stress.
  4. Soft, breathable design is welcoming to the skin and promotes relaxation.
  5. Material is durable with the flexible support of the air in the chamber. It is designed to inflate quickly, deflate effortlessly and store easily.
  6. Side ventilation allows for increased air flow when laying face down, offering a quiet and dark environment.

Why the Tummy Cradle?

The Tummy Cradle was designed by a team of four Chiropractors that were looking for a product that pregnant women could use at home, or on the go, to alleviate their back pain. It was designed as an escape from the sometimes daily aches and pain that the mama-to-be endured.

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